BitTorrent Sync

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BitTorrent Sync creates private, peer-to-peer Dropbox, no cloud required

Kogu seadmete vaheline liiklus on krüpteeritud AESiga

BitTorrent Sync is not a cloud storage solution like SkyDrive/DropBox/GDrive, etc - it doesn't sync your files to a "cloud", therefore for one device to sync with another, both devices need to be online.

Basically, all the devices connect and say "I have secret ABC", "I have secret DEF", "I have secret GHI" and the tracker says "Wait, I know someone else who has secret XYZ, here's their IP:-"

Võimalik on kasutada ilma mingi serveri või isegi internetiühenduseta LANi sees

BitTorrent Sync isn't open source, and there are, to my knowledge, no plans to make it open source. The tracker URL is hardcoded into the software, so can't easily be changed. Also, even if you could change it, I don't think it's just a regular standard .torrent tracker, it's a tracker specifically designed/adapted for Sync, and like the Sync application itself, the Sync tracker code also isn't open source... so even if you could change the tracker url (which could potentially be done through modifying the "hosts" file on Windows for example), it's not going to do you much good! since the source insn't open, we cant trust what the application claims to due and is therefor insecure.

WebUI serveris

# ./btsync


# ./btsync --config sync.conf